Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dream French Trip

Reading about everyone
in France right now
I decided it was time to start
making plans for my next tripFrom the site"Haven In Paris"
I found this amazing apartment
I reeeally hope I can stay in this one

Isn't it just totally stunning

And elegant

And this one so pretty
with its white on white

I adore these stripes

Then I found to my delight
so I can pop over and get my London "fix"

This one has amazing cherub paintings
on the ceiling that are very old and originals

But I'd also want to stay in this one

Espacially because of its conservatory

More stripes!

Then I'd be off to La Madone
and I'd really like to stay
in this amazing apartment

It's half way between Avignon and Provence

With a pool!

Then back up nearly to Paris

To Chateau de la Verrerie

Oh my, would I be able to leave?

It oozes so much style!

But which room?

I think I'd have to stay in the violet one

Because I loooovvveeee this bathroom!

Isn't it just "devine"

I would not want to leave.
I had better start saving!!!

Images-Paris Haven, London Perfect, La Madone and Chateau de la Verrerie


  1. Fabulous post. so many lovely images. I adore the silver urn with the towels rolled in it beside the tub!

  2. What a wonderful trip. I would die to stay at La Madone. I also love the Chateau de la Verrerie. I know I couldn't leave! Have a great weekend.

  3. Fabulous! Mind if I tag along in your suitcase? LOL Have a great weekend :o)

  4. Hello!
    I enjoyed your post and all the beautiful images- very inspiring and I must say I am also having withdrawal symptoms - have to go to France, even if it has only been 2 months since my last visit it seems like ages! we had the privilege to stay at La Madone on a previous trip to the Luberon, and it is the one place I long to go back more than anything....hugs Colette x

  5. OMG, I would want to live in these apartments! I'm currently planning a trip to Paris for next summer, a month in an apartment, but I doubt my apartment will be this luxurious.. Can I just say how much I love your blog? Your images are Amazing!

  6. Gosh those grays go so well with cream and GOLD!!! Thank you dear one for visiting me this morning (morning for me....) and yes, I am a French Immersion teacher. I am going on my eighth year and this is the first year I will be teaching English...funny thing is, I feel much more comfortable teaching FRENCH!!! The English curriculum is VASTE and the new duties, OVERWHELMING. However, teaching is that way....YOU TOO are an educator? In what area? You are ending your school year now, aren't you? I love your French get-away; I did however, have the most dreamy summer and I can't complain, but your photos make me want to get on a plane NOW!!!!

    Happy weekend, Anita

  7. Good morning dear friend! We only have one computer in the family so I had to wait all day to jump in again, only to find your kind and wonderful comment! Well, I also teach 10 year olds...fourth grade in what is called a French immersion school. That means that from kindergarten, ALL instruction is done in French. In third grade, the students start to get one hour of English language arts instruction all the way through fifth grade. For seven years, I have taught math, science, social studies, reading, writing, health, and theatre ALL in French. But with our budget crisis, unfortunately many teachers have been dismissed. Our two English teachers who shared a full-time position were let go, and now two of the four grade level French teachers must take on the responsibility of not only teaching in French, but also being the English teacher for a team member in the grade level. So, my anxiety is from knowing that on this Tuesday, I need to begin to manage 50 children!!!!!!! HEHEHEEEEEE! So, what did I do today? I bought myself the wonderful décor book, FRENCH HOME, by Josephine Ryan. All of your lovely grays and natural tones compose this collection of stunning photos. I am going to use some for my next post next week.

    WHEW! I hope I didn't take up too much of your time! THANK YOU FOR COMING BY! Anita

  8. Fiona, I am totally with you, in fact, can I come too!!!It all looks so gorgeous!
    Laura xx

  9. I can't imagine lovelier places to stay...maybe I could be a stowaway. Such a beautiful blog-thrilled I stumbled upon it this evening!

  10. Chère Fiona,

    I am at my computer frantically tying up some lose ends for the first day of school. I am surfing my school webpage in search of some things that I need to feel that I have a hold on the basics of first day prep. However, I am feeling the stress. I just happened to go to my blog to see if I got anymore comments and there you were....not an accident. Your UNDERSTANDING of the reason I am so stressed is a comfort to me...I left out the HARD FACTS of why I feel like I am sinking in the deep waters because I didn't want to disturb the flow of my writing; I wanted to keep it light and poetic. People like you understand because we share the same profession, ethics and frustrations. All I can say is THANK YOU for sending me this timely comment, for you have reminded me that I can only do ONE THING AT A TIME with 50 children whose grades I have to manage, behavior I need to guide and model and instruction I need to create. MERCI MILLE FOIS MON AMIE!!!! Anita

  11. Please take me with you.......
    Beautiful images!


  12. Can you even imagine?~!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  13. Oh! I wish I were there. Beautiful places to stay and dream.

    Julie xx

  14. I am drooling!!! Gorgeous, perfect ... I am packing my bags! I also love London as well as my Paris and these apartments are stunning. When we stayed in Paris we stayed on Ille St Louis in the Guest Services Apartments. They were gorgeous as well ... I could post some images if you like as they dated back to the 17th century and filled with antiques. We had a 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the Seine and the back of Notredame Cathedral. Have a lovely Monday!
    best wishes

  15. Stunning french style - magnificent!! Kellie xx

  16. What gorgeous pictures! I need a holiday! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yes trying to grow two hedges one smaller box and a lager conifer hedge behind around the back area. About 3 acres of house yard to garden so creating different areas. Letitia x

  17. Ok now I am saving as well - let me know when it's time to leave.....


  18. Bonjour! I have seen your name on dear Anita's blog and others, and just came over to see what wonders i would find here! And indeed, Wonders they are. When I saw this post in the little thumbnails I had to come here, and lo and behold!! There is the petit Château de la Verrerie!! We went there last summer and stayed in that exact violet room, and I took a bath in that huge tub!!! It really was the most beautiful place I have ever been. I blogged about it on Quiddity2, if you'd like to read it. I fact the place was so amazing, I wrote 3 posts about it!. The other places you post here are also beautiful, and I, too, long to stay at La Madone someday.
    I'm your newest follower, as I, too love All Things French!!! Perhaps you would like my blogs Quiddity2 and French at Heart, as they are also SVF!
    Bonne Journée,