Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day

How did your day go?
Mine started with homemade pancakes served with summer
berries and vanilla yoghurt.
Absolutely divine! And who made them?
Darling daughter of course.
This was followed by with presents.
I was totally spoilt this year. Darling daughter gave me
a years subscription to a housey mag together with
elegant gloves out of the softest
Note the diamontes !
Husband dearest gave me the beautiful white throw pictured behind.
And Darling son No.1......
Well, what a surprise! The George Forman grill I'd been eying off.
Not bad for a uni student!

To cap off a wonderful day
Darling Daughter whipped up my favourite dessert.
Bombe Alaska.

How clever is she?
How lucky am I?
Happy Mothers Day!

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