Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cinderella in Bali?

Wow! Where am I?
Am I still in Bali?

Yes !

It's a shop called Dinda Rella
and its just magical!

Come with me for a visit

There's french style furniture

Beautiful stools, flowers and lights
as well as the exquisite dresses

The colours of the rainbow

And oh the bags!
So gorgeous

Hows this divine change room?

And it seems they cater for brides

Definitely worth a visit.
(All images my own)


  1. I'm a big Cinderella fan...Actually I was inspired by Cinderella for my first wedding gown! (in 1993!!!)...Totally fairy-tale's worth!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful shop with us!

  2. Oh, that feathered handbag! I'm dying.
    Happy New Year!!


  3. wow Bali sure has changed alot since I was there last - i cannot wait to go - have just told my teenagers they had better start saving! how pretty is that dress?

  4. Oh my Lord - what a fabulous shop! Hope you are having a fantastic time (looks as though you are)......


  5. Oh darling, the dress on the first image and that changing room. I don't think you are in Bali...I think you are in Paradise!!!! Enjoy!

  6. The colors are fantastic and the interior fairytale. Thank you for sharing this pictures!

    I wish you wonderful last days in 2010 and a perfect start into 2011



  7. This shop is just gorgeous - I imagine if I was in Bali and came across that I'd be struggling to fit everything in my suitcase to come home! I've never been to Bali, but this is definitely not what would have come to mind.
    Thanks for sharing :) - Melissa

  8. What a beautiful Blog you have and what a fabulous post! I would love to visit this place with all the gorgeous dresses. :-))) Hope you got everything you wished for on Christmas!:-))) Wishing you wonderful New Year!

  9. Fiona, you are so lucky to still be in bali!!! What a gorgeous shop!!! I love the name too; dinda rella, thats lovely! Looks like you are still having a great time!
    Hugs, Laura x

  10. Everything here is soooooo romantic - loooooooooove your header!!!!! Thank you sooo much for your lovely comment and i wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful time,

    Hugs Jade

  11. What a fabulous shop! It looks magical! Have a blessed New Year, Kellie xx

  12. Love that shop.Oh to be a bride again so much fun!!
    Loved taking this trip to Bali "with you" loved making blogging friends this year. Happy healthy New (Pink) Year to you!!
    Marie Arden Pink Living

  13. Awe inspiring your works!!


    Saga, Japan.