Friday, April 1, 2011

BKind - A Beautuful Beauty Shop

I have found

the most glorious, beautiful shop

That is totally Eco friendly

Filled with beauty products that are safe
And glorious to use

And affordable

It's exquisite

An all round treat to visit

And they are passionate

about bringing change to our world

But they also show

how beautiful Eco friendly

can be

Even fun


And very pretty

Even has Eco friendly baby wipes

I just love them!

Their name is BKind
And they are in Subiaco in WA

(Ive already picked out

my next foundation and mascara)

Their website is available here

With online shopping available soon!


  1. Eco friendly and glamourous........... a great combination. Enjoy your shopping.

  2. ooooh, how wonderful, I'll visit the next time I'm in gorgeous Perth, thanks for sharing!
    Jane x

  3. What a lovely store. Eco friendly and beautiful!
    So happy to be able to post again. I was having a problem with blogger but it seems to have corrected itself so I am celebrating with a Giveaway. I hope you will come visit.