Saturday, June 4, 2011

Chandelier Glamour

Chandeliers always bring an instant "magic"
The soft grey echoes of rustic

Perfect in our dining area

But then gold in our lounge room upstairs

The morning light o so pretty

I will have to source this one again for the next house

Originally too rustic I added a soft gold the night before the electrician came

It was just the trick it needed

Love chandeliers

Sharing over at A Romantic Home "Show and Tell Friday"


  1. Beautiful chandelier, bet it looks gorgeous when you see the whole room.

  2. Oh cherie, this is so lovely; I have 4 chandys in my home and they all enchant me so much and I never tire of their beauty! SOOOOO LOVELY! Anita

  3. agreed. chandeliers add such an opulent feel to a room. i love your striped place mats!

  4. I"m your newest follower, I <3 your beautiful blog!....susie :)

  5. What beautiful chandeliers. I love them too. I've put in an order for one for our dining room for my birthday. Can't wait! Ange

  6. Just beautiful and so romantic! I adore how they work so well within mirrors, reflecting a little glimmer and almost framing the light fixture itself... thank you for sharing these with us!

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