Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More Art Works

Art for me doesnt always hang on a wall and these exquisite gift boxes are truly delightful.

( delight)
( I think these are from French Larkspur)


Some people are just so clever!

What a great way to enjoy beautiful business cards.

To me all these ideas are so much fun! Images 1,3,7 and 8 are all from the delightful blog "Delight"
If you visit today you'll find a gorgeous "Bling" clipboard. She is so clever!!


  1. Hello, the first, third, seventh and eighth photos are my work and were posted on my blog Thank you so much for your appreciation of them and thank you in advance for linking back to my blog.

  2. Great inspiration in all of these. Not sure where they came from.

  3. I agree fiona, love the boxes so much in the first pic!! not sure where any are from though!!!
    Hope you are keeping dry and warm!
    Laura xx

  4. BONJOUR MON AMIE! Oh how I too appreciate the clever uses of things that are practically lying around the house or just waiting for us in a vintage shop! I do not know who these belong to, but they are so gorgeous dearest! Are you having a wonderful summer? Anita

  5. I agree, love to make quirky art!
    I adore those business cards, would love to know the link.
    Could it be from Victoria magazine, they often feature business cards?
    Have a lovely week:)

  6. Fiona dearest,

    Thank you for coming by to visit. You are most certainly welcomed to always share anything with your students that you see is worth sharing! I love Anaîs Nin's words. I had to resort to using someone eles's thoughts for this post because I just felt totally FROZEN in my ability to write last week....I have to get back on board and try again, for I long to improve my writing!!!

    Have a great weekend coming up! Anita

  7. I just noticed that you like Forever New as well. I have recently discovered their clothes and love them too. Hope you are well, love cocolini

  8. Some lovely things you've shared—I just adore the first and also, that mirror with the wreath... you always share such inspiring, wonderful things with us—thank you :)