Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bliissful Blues

To many people blue is soft and peaceful but to me it also makes my heart sing!These pretty blue cupcakes are works of art.
I was totally smitten with this elegant addition of blue under the curtain.

Stunning use of blue vases make a striking table centre.

Atlanta Bartlet adds blue to her white interiors.

French furniture looks fabulous with complementing fabrics using a toille to perfection.

Wouldnt this exquisite blue chaise lounge beckon for a time to relax in our busy world.

Beautiful love seat is paired with a collection of gilded frames. Just perfect for adding grandeur to a french home.

Stripes are alawys eyecatching and these silk ones look very inviting.

A pretty blue tin is not wasted when enjoyed with these perfect, pink flowers.

Gorgeous glass heart would be a striking addition to a simple outfit.

( mysummerhouse)

Perfectly, pretty bunting so easily made with pretty papers or fabric folded over on each other on string.

So many lovely ways to enjoy the magic of blue in our lives every day!

How about you? Does blue make your heart sing?


  1. Blue is very beautiful and your photos do make it look magical!

  2. I love the blue and white vases against the rustic wood table. It's a striking contrast.

  3. What beautiful blues! That table setting is just gorgeous and I love the moody blue wall behind the love seat. Have a lovely week. x Sharon

  4. That table setting with the blue and white vases sent my heart rate soaring. How utterly beautiful. I am a lover of all things blue too.

    Kel x

  5. You've chosen a perfect ballad of blues. I especially love the cupcakes and the room with the rich drapes.


  6. all of the items looks so pretty! especially the blue heart pendant!<3

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  7. THIS IS MY FAVORITE BLUE POST OF YOURS!!!!!!!!!!!! That fainting couch is TDF!

    Off to work now, Anita

  8. Just lovely. It is classic and I love to see it mixed with French furniture.

  9. Blue is such a relaxing color! Those curtain looks really beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend, Kellie xx

  10. Beautiful post..I LOVE this color and the pictures!!!

  11. Oh yes - I love all shades of blue. Those cupcakes are too good to eat!
    Melissah from Scrapbook

  12. Love the tablescape... it's stunning! Have a great weekend, Sweetie!! xo