Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Most Beautiful Vintage Style Wedding!

My beautiful friend's gorgeous daughter Sophie got married! I've known her since she was 6, sitting sweetly on a chair when her legs couldn't touch the floor. Now she's all grown up and she had the most beautiful, vintage style wedding you could imagine.
Nothing was overdone. Everything was just perfect. The attention to detail for a vintage style was amazing. The old jam jars filled with white flowers lined the carpet for the bride to walk on.

Vintage style chairs and church pews were hired and placed alongside the carpet for those of us who prefer to be seated.

Little doilies adorned the chair pads on the pews.

The old sewing table was ready for the signing of the marriage certificates whilst white tissue pompoms floated gently above.

Beautiful white and green topiaries to signal "Lyndon loves Sophie" where the heart's colour was hinting at what was coming, as we all waited so excitedly in anticipation.

So sweet.

First were the three flower girls, where the youngest, Lyndon's niece, only began walking 2 weeks ago. Then the bridesmaids dressed in duck egg blue.

Then finally Sophie alongside her ever so proud father, Gerard. Sophie was breath takingly exquisite!

Both the Bride and Groom's parents were asked to give their blessings to begin the ceremony.

Could it possibly get any more perfect than this?

They both spoke their own vows( on a microphone so we could all hear which is just the best idea) which were filled with love and joy. Most of us cried in joy so touched by the sweethearts and the genuine love they have for each other. They have been together for nearly 8 and a half years and yet they spoke of a love which was so alive and fresh and totally committed.

During the ceremony we were asked to write our wishes for them on luggage tags and hang them on the tree. Mine ended up like an essay as my heart had so much to say to this beautiful couple.

Perfectly pale and pastel, the bouquets were exquisite.

Congratulations to Sophie and Lyndon. Don't they look just so HAPPY!


  1. Looks superb.

    Love the vintage touches and her dress looks dreamy.
    Carolyn xx

  2. PS Just put you on my blog roll. Not sure why I haven't done so before. Love your blog. Happy 2012

  3. So glad to read that it was a perfect wedding and you had great weather as can be seen!
    Enjoy your Sunday evening.
    Love to you,


  4. Fabulous idea....luggage tag wishes hung on the tree. You can see their happiness!

  5. It looked like the perfect wedding from start to finish Fiona, how can you not love vintage, so stylish!

  6. Clearly this is a couple that knows the relationship is the focus, not a over-the-top splashy day. So lovely.
    Congratulations to Sophie and Lyndon.