Friday, March 23, 2012

Magical White

So pretty is white

especially for a delightful chateau set amongst cool, green gardens allowing the house to be the shining star
White creates breathtaking magic when there is exquisite details
such as carving, rattan or lace

Or pannelled doors with buttoned chairs

With statement glass dressing tables and more mirrors

Amazing armoires showcasing beautiful curves

Intricate walls with pintucked quilts

A mass of white flowers in beautiful blue or green bottles

Jars filled with mother-of -pearl buttons or cutlery

Or tied up in cloth with fraying edges.

Who can deny white when artfully displayed in the details?


  1. What gorgeous photos! I want to live in some of those rooms!! :)

  2. So lovely, inside and outside.


  3. I love photo 6! Gorgeous bedding! A very relaxing post.
    xo, Alicia

  4. Stunning! That vanity just made my heart skip a beat! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  5. FIONA!!!!

    I agree about white. I also agree that a WHITE CHÂTEAU is a marvel of a structure and there is a lovely castle home in my area that is creamy white, with a turret of course and pink trim!! I also am partial to a LUSH GREEN GARDEN with white flowers. At night especially, the flowers almost seem to glow.

    Thank you for visiting. I hope teaching is going well for you!!! Anita

  6. Dear Fiona .... I love that house and I so agree the contrast between the greenery and the house is stunning! I love that armoire with the mirrored door too! I hope you are well!
    best wishes always
    Frances xxxxx
    ps love the new header!

  7. I adore white too. That first house exterior is breathtaking :)

    Abbey x

  8. A very gorgeous post. I love the flowers in glass bottles clustered together. Thank you for your kind comment yesterday. Rachaelxx

  9. What a beautiful place.
    Carolyn xx

  10. I can only dream here Fiona, the thought of white anything around MOTH & his disgusting work boots sends me into meltdown!
    Millie xx