Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hampton"s Magic

In Australia we are miles behind in the screening of the show"Revenge" so please don't tell us the secrets of the story, but I, as well as millions of others, am so enjoying the beautiful homes set in the Hampton's. The background entertains us magically with the most amazing and tantalizing styling, feeding our appetites for exquisite decor and lifestyle ideas. The image above is from a show to come, featuring a clambake on the beach for a birthday celebration. It is oh so pretty with the abundant fairy lights and their version of a relaxed birthday on the beach. Makes me want to pack a decadent picnic and head for the beach while our weather allows us( as we are in autumn now).
How about you? Are you totally smitten with the Revenge styling too?
I'm off shopping for some more accessories to bring Hamptons to Australia. Bye for now!


  1. Fiona this looks gorgeous! Wish I was there! ....Hope you are well
    Frances xxxx

  2. Fairy lights just make it look magical don't they? Love it

  3. I don't think that show has come to South Africa yet, but I will be sure to look out for it! x Sharon