Monday, July 2, 2012

Curtains or Blinds or Both

Bonjour mon amis
We have such huge open windows with tranquil views of the garden and pool but in Winter
 the nights are oh so cold without a covering. So my dilema is....what do I cover them in?
 White blinds....
 Natural least you can see thru a little.
 Silk curtains.....
( If I could afford it I would have loved duck egg blue curtains in silk from Laura Ashley)

 But maybe something like this with white romans and taupe or striped curtains.
( Don't you just love Belle Blanc? Her photos are always so beautiful)
 I really like these wrought iron rods with the little loops that clip on the curtains

 Or should I go for concealed blinds like these from Norma House in N.S.W.
Or the natural blinds with white curtains.
I'm really not sure. What do you think?
Images from paper mulberry, belle blanc, Norma House, Phoebe Howard and google


  1. Oh I like them all, but maybe the pale blue silk curtains. They'd be soft and sumptuous for winter.

  2. Hi Fiona.
    Thank you for visiting my little blog.
    I love reading your blog too. (smile)

    Julie x

  3. I love them all too! The blinds are a more casual look compared to the curtains which are rich and beautiful. xx

  4. Such a nice bed. Is that an expensive one?

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  5. Gorgeous inspirations! I think the choice would depend on how much you need it for the room. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  6. Wow!!! nice pics curtains Perth. what a lovely images that you have shared. Can you please post more pics for this beautiful curtains so have select the best one.