Saturday, August 18, 2012

Green and White Gardening

 Warm, sunny days remind us of the magic that lays ahead. The perfect time to get those gardening jobs done, ready for our Springtime plans. We need a wall in front of our pool filter and these ones from pinterest and Trove Interiors have caught my eye.

 The perfect outdoor area.
 Beautiful boxwood balls used so creatively

 A clever use of pallets to grow your veggies.

Green and white always looks clean, elegant and sophisticated when used in the garden. Also the perfect choice for night time. Have a lovely weekend. I'm off to the garden!


  1. Yes I'm a great fan of green and white also Fiona. I remember a few years back I had my whole patio area themed in green and white, I loved it..but somehow the colour seeped it's way back in, and that's ok too. Hope you're enjoying our beautiful weekend weather.

  2. What perfection !!!
    So happy to see this post, great job...

  3. I adore green and white and part of my garden is white only.
    It is always refreshing just like your blog!!
    Have a pink day!

  4. Hi Fiona ... these images are gorgeous and so perfect as it is nearly spring for us! I can't wait. Hope you are having a lovely week-end
    Best wishes

  5. Green and white is such a great combination inna garden and as you say, shows up so beautifully at night. Lovely pics. x Sharon

  6. Utterly gorgeous and very inspiring. I have been busy preparing my garden for the warmer months - lots of hedging and new seedlings waiting to bloom. I love gardening.

  7. Lovely outdoor spaces and I love those boxwood balls - how creative.

  8. All the images are dreamy. Our veg garden is sort of a mess (I call it "rustic"), so seeing that neat veg garden in the wooden boxes is very inspiring. Great pics! Have a great weekend.