Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All in the Details

(Veranda House)
This picture shows how wonderfully an amazing collection of blue tones and patterns, with obviously so many stories to tell, can be brought together.
When the details are so cleverly chosen
(Tricia Guild)
Whether it be soft blues or more vivid
( Love the use of glass for contrast)
The finer details bring so much intrigue and interest to keep us captivated and wanting more
Like these bows and the little bird perched on the curtain rail
Or this perfect, pastel blue stool
To also be enjoyed on cake plates for a spot of afternoon tea
Trinket boxes and old, faded blue bound books
Such dreamy and coastal blue striped blinds.
Yet perfect to protect the house on those hot, sunny days.
Those carefully chosen details will always be
what really speaks to me.


  1. Blue and white is so classic. I love it. Love that the trinket boxes are used around the home not just in boudoir.

  2. Combination of blue and white is so charming and sophisticated, I love it:))

  3. Loving these photos!! So pretty!

  4. all so beautiful but i think the little bird and bows are best of all. such gorgeous attention to detail
    thanks for sharing
    Fiona xx

  5. Love blue and white, so calming. I think details are so important...they show our personality. Happy Sunday!

  6. Love navy & white teamed back with the softer shades of blue & pink x