Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fine French Dining in Bali

For our wedding anniversary (31 years) when chose the exquisite French restaurant called "Tapping Shoes" which was at Potatoe Head in Bali.

 From the endless chandeliers to the beautiful striped tablecloths
 Exquisite ceilings
 Perfect,pink posies

 Candelabra, exceptional service and of course the most beautiful food
 The whole night was perfect in every way.

 My floating meringue dessert was sensational

 And the views were stunning. It was the night of a storm so the waves were almost reaching the pool below.

 The reflections in the sparkling windows added to an already amazing evening.
I just wish I could go there every anniversary.
A beautiful night shared with my husband and also my daughter and son.
Heartfelt thanks to Tapping Shoes for a truly wonderful night.


  1. Those chandeliers looks very glamorous and floating meringue is a dessert I would have chosen too. We visited Bali several years ago and I have very happy memories of a beautiful island and warm, welcoming people.

  2. It looks beautiful - hope you had an amazing time!!

  3. Congrats! :)
    Love the Pictures ,looks like a beautiful Place :)

    Happy Weekend ,lovely Greetings from Vienna!

  4. Felicitations :-) It looks gorgeous and very warm. I am jealous as it is very cold here in SW France......

    à trés bientot, Leeann x