Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Outdoors Hampton Style and More of Webb and Brown-Neaves Homes

This absolutely gorgeous sun-trap for Winter is so enticing and very difficult to leave.
Such a wonderful example of Hampton Style in WA with Webb and Brown-Neaves Homes as featured in my last post .
So I thought it would be fun to explore all the elements that we enjoy from Hamptons Style

 So perfect for WA lifestyle especially with our beautiful weather.
 How cute is this outdoor shower?
( Pinterest)

 Simple, understated gardens

 Sometimes using a statement piece
 Grey paving and pool surrounds
 Beautiful blue pools
 And lots of white and green

 Webb and Brown-Neaves Montauk has all these features
 These pictures are from a Winter's day but you wouldn't know it.

 Stunning white, traditional and classic pergola areas by the pool
 Dark stone and pavers completes the easy care garden
So we can enjoy more time by the pool.
This house is officially my dream home and I can't wait to live in it.
(Webb and Brown-Neaves Homes can be found here.)


  1. These images are so gorgeous and I so love all the blue and white! The outdoor furniture is superb and so good for our Aussie climate!

    hope you are well
    xx Frances

  2. Yes - I can see why it is your dream home. Beautiful

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