Sunday, January 30, 2011

French Elegance in South Perth(+ Cape Dutch?)

Whenever I go to South Perth
I have to drive by
one of my most favourite houses
everAnd drink in the elegance it oozes Recently it was on the market and these are some inside pics

Exquisite choices

I would so love this bathroom!

And this by my pool to train a wisteria

And now to some fun blogs!
Have you seen the "Tourist"?
Check out Haute Design for her post
on the beautiful clothes.

for a very creative music skirt.
How clever is this?
with a cute post on these biscuits

So amazing!

But if you are a blue fan you'll love
this post over at "My Shabby Soul"

I"m smitten with these
I want to make them!


  1. Awesome images and beautiful blog!

  2. Oh! wow!!! Lovely house!!! i love the decor...the color fresh and elegant!!!

  3. Darling Fiona, thank you for visiting my blog, for the lovely comments and ... for the link!
    I apreciate that!
    Your images are really stunning!
    I dream to have something like this... :)
    Have a nice day my darling

  4. Pure elegance! That house, Mrs. Brad Pitt, everything! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  5. What a beautiful the outdoor space!!