Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Gift of a Wedding

My dear friend's daughter
got married on December 4th 2010
and I was very lucky
to be a part of planning her special day
These were the sweetest gifts that
really echoed the style of the wedding

And they used many, many items
from our house and boutique
to help style the wedding and reception

These chairs will be available online any day real soon
but on the wedding day
they added an elegance to befit the bride and groom
The flowers were just perfect

As was the car
( And of course the wedding party, the day and the venue)

The cutest old typewriter
for kind wishes at the reception

Cocktail tables were set with flowers and birdcages

Tha cake table

Many, many candles

And an awesome arrangement of fairy lights

It really did feel like magic was in the air!

And when all was said and done
these gorgeous little flowers from the cake
filled many little bowls

(All images my own)


  1. it's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations lory

  2. Beautiful wedding! I love all the details, the typewriter, the flowers from the cake, the bird cage, and the chairs..oh the chairs! What do you mean exactly when you said they'll be available online?

  3. Wow! talk about attention to detail with a unique twist! so glad you were able to capture and help the happy couple on their big day! i cant wait to see what you post next! i'm def following!

  4. Lots of beautiful ideas here! I especially love the fabulous use of the vintage typewriter!

  5. Lovely wedding ideas. I will tuck some of those ideas away for my daughter (and son!) someday. I really was tickled by the typewriter set out to leave notes. That is such a whimsical and old-fashioned kind of idea that is right up my alley! The wrapped soaps are adorable, fresh, and so vintage looking. Wonderful post.

  6. Gorgeous wedding! Loving those bird cages although I don't like birds caged. Just candles. Enjoy the lovely week, Kellie xx

  7. So lovely...adore all the attention to detail!

  8. Thanks for sharing this magic with us! Hope you're off to a great week!