Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Really Smelling the Roses!

Bonjour everyone!
I still have a passion for roses
and I really do enjoy
literally stopping to smell the roses
I picked these ones for this cute as vase
I got for my birthday
But not everyone likes it like me
this sweet little dog
My roses by the pool are really such a pleasure

And its amazing the gorgeous emerald green
plants take on when they are healthy

I have roses everywhere in the house

This is my new table centre for this week

Just love this arch from
the Voyager winery in Margeret River.
Just love that place

I wouldnt mind this by one of my doors

Or sitting at this table

But I can see I am heavily drawn to hedges and topiary

And rows of beautiful trees

Divine fountains

I still love anything french style in the garden.
This looks so inviting.
Perhaps I should go and enjoy my garden.
(images 1-6 my own,7/9/10/12 unsure, 11 Paul Banguay)


  1. Dreaming of Spring in the US, and one of my favorite parts is my rose garden...a daily source of happiness for me!!

  2. Lucky you with your roses in bloom! I picked up a little hyacinth at the market today for a spot of spring green amidst all of this snow!

  3. Your roses are gorgeous, you should be so proud! XX!

  4. I love the white roses wrapped around the arch of the door, it looks very elegant. And the little pup who is sporting a halo of flowers... he is adorable.

  5. Lovely romantic pictures..


  6. I'm so envious of your gorgeous roses Fiona - our garden is just too shady for roses & I really miss them. That arch @ Voyager's is amazing.
    Millie x

  7. What a wonderful images!
    Thank you for show us!
    Have a good day my darling friend

  8. That winery photo is very inviting and all your white roses and topiary are wonderful and refreshing. I love knowing it is warm where you are because it is not warm here!

  9. Beautiful images! I also enjoyed looking at your sidebar images, so much inspiration!

  10. Those arches with roses are amazing, aren't they. So beautiful.

    But I love your garden too. Your roses are completely gorgeous. Until I read your writing, I thought it was all one garden!!

    I'm your new follower.