Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Giveaway to Celebrate

My online Boutique is finally up and running!
I have made it by myself
and it took about nine months of toil
and a month to finally get into cyber space.

To celebrate
Im having my first giveaway

The winner will recieve $50
towards anything they choose
from my new boutique

All you have to do is visit my boutique
and tell me what your favourite items are
and put it in a comment
under this post

The jewellry is all my own designs made by me

For another chance
become a follower
or tell me if you already are

For another chance
each person who purchases
before the end of the giveaway
will receive another entry for each item purchased

To double your chances blog about it
or put it on your sidebarBut remember to tell me

( Stock on each item is limitted)

Good luck!

( All images from my website)

Im linking to A Beach Cottage "Good Life Wednesday"
Because now I can take a liitle time to smell the roses!


  1. Wow your boutique is enchanted love all that you are selling.
    I love the pettal cussion and the bathtowels. I'm a follower.

  2. Congratulations on opening the store Fiona. You have a beautiful range of products. It's near impossible to say which is my favourite item as I love so many of them. But probably those lovely organza bags.

  3. COngratulations on your beautiful boutique. SO many pretty things it is hard to choose, but I think the Yello Eden table cover and serviettes are perfect for Spring.
    Best of luck!

  4. Fiona this is just beautiful. I adore everything, the earrings are wonderful and the wire bird domes!!Congratulations!

    Of course I am a follower.

    Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

    Art by Karena

  5. Your boutique is utterly gorgeous, congratulations Fiona!
    My favourite items are the Bird Cloche and the embroidered bird cage lingerie bag, adorable and on my wish list:)
    I am so delighted to be following your inspiring blog.

  6. OMG, everything is absolutely beautiful Fiona, no surprise there coming from such a talented lady like yourself!!
    My pick would be the silver round gorgeous, I can have a room filled with these as I just adore round buttoned cushions!!!
    Congratulations on the opening of your boutique, Helen M xx

  7. What a lovely shop! Love those gorgeous earrings! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  8. I love it all but love the birdie lingerie bag and the bird cloches the most. I love birds
    I alredy follow you. So glad your boutique is open--now I have another great source for gifts! Best wishes

  9. Well I guess I'm in trouble now - I love your style and I'm in Perth!! I adore the love seats, the earrings are gorgeous and I may just go and order them now, the cushions are great and the furniture is just right! Well done - a great blog, I'm a follower now too ...

  10. What stunning items you have!!! I adore the long stemmed english roses...they are divine.
    I wish you all the very best with your on-line store.


  11. Miss Fiona

    Well congratulations are in order! I love your style very much. My favourites are the peach pink english roses, the basin hand towel, the damask tablecloth (everyone should have one), all bracelets, the guest soaps and at the absolute top of my list I love the black onyx coin bracelet and bird cloche. I plan to do a blog on your things too. I bet your home is truly gorgeous. Talk soon xx

    love cocolini

  12. Your new boutique is divine and full of tres elegant items!

  13. Wow, what gorgeous things you have. So hard to choose, but I really love the map cushion, the bird cage lingerie bag and the beach hut hand towel. I am joining as a follower right away!