Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love White

Always drawn to white
I couldnt resist Mr Owl
once again from Bed, Bath and Table
Together with sweet birds

To add to my sideboard

Lilly follows me everywhere
(notice she is white also)

My bargain beach or picnic mats for$15
(couldnt resist the stripes)

My fave combination
text+ white+ natural colours

They look even better with white cushions

My icebergs

And a fave bag
I got in Bali 2 years ago

Dont you love these hessian flowers


  1. Awww I love the little owl!

  2. What lovely things you have. I adore those cushions. They are exactly what I need for my family room. Love those colour combinations. Have a lovely weekend x sharon

  3. This is such a lovely post- I love the owl and love your pillows~ and loving your blog!! new follower- off to look around- Thanks for sharing at FNF!

  4. Are the iceberg roses from your garden? The white petals are so crisp, a perfect white rose. Very nice!

  5. OOH ! Such springy whiteness, all to fresh.. I love your bag, how fun is that???And the roses are over the top. Maryanne ;)

  6. Your blog site has the most beautiful images...
    Such a treat to stop by here!
    Have a wonderful weekend.