Monday, July 11, 2011

Elegant French Style Fireplaces

For those of us right in the middle of winter there is nothing more enjoyable than gathering near a fireplace
Everyone can't help but be drawn to the magic a fireplace can bring

A perfect place to arrange something special


In my next house it has to be on TOP of the list!


But which room or in how many rooms?

I simply love, love, love..... the shape of this one

And it's at both ends of the room! Both in the dining and sitting ends of one large room.

Oh how decadent!

(But I'd love it)

(simplified bee)

Perhaps in the kitchen

(I'll take the whole kitchen please!!)

Or the bathroom.

Another gorgeous surround

Dont know if Id go this one?

Oh how luxurious to have one in the bedroom

(Savio Firmino)
Especially in pink marble!

How about you?

Where do you enjoy your fireplace(s)?


  1. Love them all. I'm a real fan of french style. Thanks for all the eye candy.

  2. I feel warmer now. Love your picks for today... I feel like I've had my French fix.

  3. Where ever you decide to relax is the perfect spot for a fireplace. I love the idea of a two-sided fireplace that is open to the kitchen and a gathering room on the other side.

  4. GOOD MORNING DEAREST! The only fireplace in my house is in my own harp studio and I so love it. However, it is a vintage piece that we picked up and put into that room so I cannot enjoy the warmth, but I do put flicker lights at night in the cavity and it is good enough for me.

    WHAT GREAT PHOTOS!! Have a splendid day, Anita

  5. Oh these are gorgeous (thank you so much for the lovely credit)! I love the last version - divine! We are lucky enough to have 5 fireplaces in total, including 2 of our bedrooms and in my dressing room too! Hugs - Glenda xxx

  6. Beautiful pictures on this post. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I can't believe you live so far away from me, and yet you found this French Girl online. Isn't the Internet brilliant? Will come back and visit your blog as soon as we get home later this week. It's been a long trip! Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  7. Oh beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and yes, I will take the whole kitchen too please. How divine is it. Quite possible the most gorgeous picture of a kitchen I have ever seen (5th last picture). Thanks for sharing. x

  8. Beautiful post, I love fireplaces.
    It is very cold in Sydney this winter and we just had one of our fireplaces converted to gas.
    The original fireplace surround remains beautifully in place.
    It looks and feels wonderful, a nice cosy sitting room to escape the winter chills.

  9. Oh yes, I adore a fireplace, and have one in my living room and one in my library. It's 95+ degrees in NC right now, so the fireplaces are sitting quietly...