Monday, July 18, 2011

La Brocante Pour Passion part one

I dont know much french but I was able to decipher that this gorgeous French home was decorated using a passion for Brocante in FranceSo many gorgeous elements to enjoy and inspire! Use french quilts on coffee tables and couches, silver tea sets with white china, screens or panels as works of art, lots of simple greenery

Mouldings or crowns above doorways

Curtains instead of doors

Furniture in soft greys, creams and whites

Louis style chairs and lots of candelabra

Natural stone coloured ornaments

(All pics from Maisons de Campagne)

Dont you just love it!


  1. Love the quilts as draping. All of this is lovely...but I wish the photos were a bit larger. xx's

  2. OUI, c'est BEAU et tu as raison mon amie....I SPEAK FRENCH and you are correct....LOVE and PASSION for the relaxed elegance we love is all here....GOOD FRENCH MY DEAR!!!! BISOUS, ANITA

  3. Oh my goodness, I think I've just seen my dream home!! x Sharon

  4. Yes, I do just love it! Gorgeous indeed. By the way, I have only just found your blog (via Belle Francaise Interiors) and wanted to say what a great blog! Congratulations. As an antique dealer I love all things French! I will follow for sure...have a great week, Tammy

  5. These photos fairly made me swoon!!! I love it all. Thanks so much for sharing the inspiration.

  6. Absolutely stunning! I adore french style.
    As far as the Computer Art Studio course that I'm taking, we're using Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. I was not familiar with any of these programs prior to taking the course. Although it's an accelerated course due to summer and I have an excellent instructor, I wish there was more time to spend in each program. InDesign, as are all of the programs, is excellent for designers to learn. I would like to take another course just for that software. I can recommend a couple of books if you're interested, however, I highly recommend taking the course if you have the opportunity. I hope I was of some help.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend! xoxo, B

  7. Hi, I have found you through Haute Design Blog ( i like your femenine style. Your blog is full of inspiration...Happy to meet you. greetings from Switzerland!

  8. que blog mas bonito tienes, te invito si tienes un rato a pasearte por el mio
    un saludo desde España

  9. I agree with you. Furniture is beautiful, like from the time of wueen and kings. They love royal styled homes, and i love it also :)