Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blue Baby Shower for Kirsty

Kirsty's having a boy!

So to celebrate the "Baby Shower" she made these gorgeous cupcakesHer theme was obviously blue but with lots of polka dots
She cooked the cakes directly into the cute paper holders and the colours of icing was just perfect(Dont you just love blue with brown)

The sweetest polka dot cloth and tuille with my yellow roses for the final touch (providing the contrast so as not to be twee)

Even my blue china had polka dots altho not easily seen in these pics

They played the funniest game of pin the ?

Yesterday i had such fun picking up her present for when he arrives ( I think she'll love the dots and stripes)

Perfectly matching teddy bear soap

A book!

One must always remember books!!!!!

Cutest elephant paper that can be used later in frames or scrapbooking

Can't wait till he comes now!


  1. oh, it looks just lovely fiona! especially the little teddy bear soap! how cute!!! i love giving books as presents too! especially for children, they get so much enjoyment from books!
    laura xxx

  2. So cute--I love all the new cupcake holders

  3. So beautiful! I love a good theme! lovT

  4. So, so darling. Our little men are donned in blue....ah, my favorite colour for the joys of a little boy coming into the world.

    Have a lovely day dearest, Anita

  5. Wow! Blue, brown and polka dots. How beautiful. I hope you all had a lovely time. I have never seen pin the S on the E game before. I see a couple lost their way :)


    p.s. I had to change my browser from Internet Explorer to Firefox for university and all of a sudden I can comment on blogs like yours. How strange but great.

  6. Very befitting to welcome a new little Angel.

  7. He will be as well-presented as a king! What lovely little treats in anticipation of his arrival! Il a de la chance!


  8. Good morning Fiona,

    I just want to thank you for coming to visit me last night. I hope you are well and that school is winding DOWN for you! It is winding UP for me and I am exhausted already!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, Anita

  9. Congratulations! The cupcakes are lovely! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx