Thursday, September 8, 2011

Easy Ideas for More Spring Pretties

The English Country Homes and Interiors magazine showed this delightful setting for Summer which I thought was perfect for our Spring.

Once again pink is the order of the day but they have mixed pale pink with bright pink and white with lots of pretty blooms. Notice that the blooms are all in small containers, both glass and tin.

Pretty soft pink stripes for the chair cushionsFrom tumbler is this Sring table setting using a floral table runner, lots of green elements and a rustic setting

Several paper crafts are suggested such as this clever idea of punching flowers as table confetti

I really love this one, cutting out flowers from wrapping paper and glueing on sticks for a novel way to serve sandwiches

Using doilies to cut your own cupcake wrappers

And choosing some pretty papers to make gift boxes

I cant wait to try all of these ideas!



    LOVELY pinks and soft fabrics are on their way to you as you start your spring and we end our summer. It is wonder how this world TURNS and we all inhabit it, but with different vistas...have a great one! Anita

  2. So pretty for my favourte season of the year. I can't stop blogging about Spring. I was born in Spring, a result of an office Christmas party I am told and I for one love it.

  3. How lovely!! The pinks are very sweet and charming. I love the do it yourself tips.