Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blue and White is Big Time Back!

Blue and white, especially in these deeper more intense tones, are coming back in the spotlight with many people choosing to use them in decorating for accents against the white on white look.
I love how this one mixes many patterns of blue and white allowing an indulgenceof many faves but beautifully offset by the wooden table.

These deeper more vibrant blues are popping up in all the best shops and in cyberspace.
So now those of us who have tucked away our blue and white china can bring them out to shine once again.

Note the natural wood grain mixed with blue and white.

More gorgeous cushions and dinnerware.

This looks so pretty but I can't imagine eating out of those baskets would be very comfortable. Perhaps rattan chargers or placemats would do the trick.

Now this has to be blue heaven. Headboard, bed linen and dress. Now thats my style for sure!

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  1. Very pretty, esp. the first photo of the teacups on glass stems, or did I see it wrong?

  2. The first picture is brilliant! I have to find those tea cups on wine stems. Lovely post, I always look forward to them.
    xo, Alicia

  3. Beautiful! I love the teacup glasses:)

  4. I love the blue and white combination and these are some gorgeous examples :)

    Abbey x

  5. Heaven is the perfect word to describe all of these images. Oh! how I love blue and white.

    Kel x

  6. I love anything blue and white - am drawn to it all the time :) Love the second picture above and the gorgeous dining room with the round white table x

  7. I'm not sure that the blue and white ever really goes out of fashion, it's such a classic, I love it Fiona and such beautiful images are a pleasure to look at.

  8. Don't you just love blue & white - I never get sick of it!
    Melissah from Scrapbbok

  9. I'm starting to collect things for my booth for Spring and noticed that I have a lot of blue and white and black. Love seeing it in your lovely pictures.

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