Sunday, November 20, 2011

Voila! Aren't They Just So Cute!

Aren't these so cute!
I got them from one of my favourite shops called Veranda.
I so want to make them. All I need is a sweet stamp of a dress.
I have a bird cage and many crowns
Cute for cupcakes or sandwiches
I love this time of year for it's amazing Jacaranda trees.
On a walk just around my sister's corner
Oh such a heavenly view
My wish is to one day have my own Jacaranda tree

My sister's roses are simply stunning at the moment
Her dog Prince!
Hope you've all had a great weekend. Off for coffee with my Mum and son.

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  1. Awww! Those tags are very cute!! Jacarandas are beautiful, we have alot growing in our area & its lovely, I also hope to grow one myself one day!!

  2. FIONA!!!!!!!

    Darling friend, YOU ARE IN YOUR SPRING, and we are here celebrating our Thanksgiving this Thursday! We had our first snow yesterday. THESE TAGS are simply wonderful and I see that I have much to learn about the tags I am making for my shop. There are so many possibilities. Your sister's roses are stunning and JACARANDA trees!!! I GREW UP with them all around me in Southern California!!!

    MANY HUGS TO YOU and enjoy your summer! Anita

  3. The dress tags are beautiful. The stamp is called My Mother's Dress. I haven't found it here in Australia, but I have seen it on US web sites. So pretty. Hope you had a lovely coffee with your mum.

  4. Gorgeous little tags. I think I need to try and make some of those this christmas. My husband gave me a jacaranda tree on my eldest son's 1st birthday. He is now 14, but it still has a long way to go before it looks like the ones in your picture! x Sharon

  5. Those roses are truly gorgeous, just like your blog. Amber

  6. fiona, what a gorgeous street with the flowers sprinkled over the road like confetti!!! i had been thinking lately how amazing the jacarandas have been looking! hope you are well and enjoyed your catchup with your mum and son!
    hugs from laura xx

  7. Your gift tags are very pretty and your sisters street is exquisite... so much beauty!
    Wishing you a most lovely day! xoxo, B