Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indah Island

 Indah Island is my latest find and I'm smitten. She has the best taste, especially if you love the French/Hampton's/Beachy look.
This house she did is featured on her site and it caught my eye immediately.
(I want that rug and the rattan suite and .....)

 Soft blues, creams and browns create a soothing ambiance

 Mixed with fresh whites and greenery to become a tranquil escape.

 Accessorized perfectly with interesting pieces

 Her name is Natalie Bowman and she is now based in Perth( which makes her even more special) although she travels Australia in her work.
But be warned.
 If you visit her site you will need a few drinks( if you are at all like me) as you will be there a while enjoying all the beautiful pictures.


  1. FIONA DEAR! Oh anything with BLUE captures my attention! These wonderful styles suggest the warmth of the isles and the ageless beauty of French décor. Don't you just love dreaming? How is school dearest? I have only until June 8 and that is IT!!!

    Thank you kindly for visiting and I AGREE TOO; this world is becoming more confusing and how about our children? They are getting so many mixed messages that it is no wonder why bad behavior is on the rise. It is imperative that return to sweetness and decency. HAVE A FUN WEEKEND! Anita

  2. Just stunning - totally my cup of tea! I will have to check out her website

    Country Style Chic

  3. The glassware and the dinnerware really looks stunning. As well as the furniture. Love browsing the blog.

    Furniture Perth