Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day High Tea

Don't you love the perfect excuse for a High Tea. Mother's Day has got to be it and so I like to bring together some of my friends and their beautiful daughters to share a special time together.
Flowers,of course, are number one. I love all these pinks together with pink candles and ribbons.

Number two is tiny cakes but most definitely pretty.
Oh to have such skill!
Dainty fruit tarts are always a hit.

But oh how I would love such exquisite biscuits as these from "Coco and Rose"
( Just found out she sells some of her delicious wares at Subi Farmers market at Subi Primary on Saturday mornings and Kalumunda Markets most Sundays. Can't wait to buy some of her treats)

And if I could find the time I love the painted nails with one in glitter.
(Via browneyedbelle)
So sad I cant wear this outfit but I can still pretend in my mind.
(Images1,3,4,5,6 via pinterest)
Happy Mother's Day to all those lucky women who share the joys of being a Mum!


  1. have a wonderful mothers day fiona... lovely post, i do hope your daughter is well, i have been thinking of you : ) xxxooxxx
    laura xx

  2. As I'm having the 2 mothers tomorrow for afternoon tea tomorrow - I'm loving this pretty inspiration!

    Melissah from Scrapbook

  3. Such pretty pictures. Wish I could be enjoying high tea with all these delicious pastries! Love that pink nail polish, the perfect shade of pink.