Tuesday, October 23, 2012

French Style in Kalamunda

 Kalamunda in Western Australia is definitely one of the prettiest places to visit (or live if you are so lucky) and the residents really don't need to come into Perth as they have some amazing shops. One of their finest would certainly be "First Avenue". It is a one-stop shop for Francophiles and stylish women with beautiful taste.
 This seasons resurgence of the popular blue and white is aptly catered for. This chair really took my fancy.

The fabric on the back is blue and white. Such a clever trick.

 Isn't he so cute?

 Sheets of music find new life as flowers.

 Natural coloured sticks and twigs make the perfect Xmas display.
 I was totally smitten with these birds and the bright colours.

 Such sweet little baubles together with so many more French style Xmas decorations and yet they said this was only the tip of the iceberg for what was coming in for Xmas. I can't wait to go back.
 Blue and white heaven!!!!

Got to go. I need to plan when I go again.Maybe this weekend. Maybe also the first Saturday of each month when the town holds a market that people say is the best you'll find anywhere in Perth.Oh I just can't wait now for the weekend. Au revoir.


  1. Oh how gorgeous, you were so lucky have a shop like that, yep, I could s[end a lot of time there!


  2. so many things I would love to buy!!!!!!

    I love this french style, inspired by Marie Antoinette! have you seen the mirror created by bocadolobo about the queen? I love it, and it's the same kind of your style, take a look!