Saturday, November 10, 2012

Exquisite Posies at a Divine Florist

 Driving down Glyde Street in Mosman Park I glimpsed this magical window and knew I just had to stop. It was so worth it.
Can you see those amazing posies?

 It's like being in a magical forest out of a beautiful fairy tale.
 Whimsical flowers, jewellery, candles and gifts are blossoming like a real garden in Spring.

 All created by the clever owner Jill. It's name is "Inflorescence"
 How amazing are those perfect posies? Fabric flowers of several styles intermingled with stunning jewellery to make the most beautiful, bejewelled posies. Pearls, diamonte, buttons and brooches all charmingly mixed with handmade flowers.
Who said it is only for brides, bridesmaids or flowergirls?
 They are exquisitely perfect to add to ones dressing table to be admired daily.

 The essence of the beauty of flowers is so carefully and artfully captured that it is a perfect destination shop when looking for something quite special.


  1. I must get to Oz you have shown us so many lovely windows and shops. Someday I hope to enjoy them in person. This shop is magical! We have some lovely shops here too in Atlanta area.Pink thoughts I always enjoy your blog.

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