Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Decorating Has Started!

 December 1st is when us Aussies start to put up our trees and the shops are even starting a bit of discounting on the decorations.
( I cant find the blog I got these from so if you know I will credit correctly. I think they took these at the French Gift Fair)
 I still love this all white, crystal and bling!

 ( à la parisienne)
 Stunning with greens and lime

 Natural and rustic can still look fabulous as a contrast with luxurious bling

 (My cakes from last year)
 Am loving the touches of blue, especially at Dusk this year. Very easy to spend a lot in that shop if you want to create a magical, whimsical Christmas. These images remind me of my purchases yesterday.

 Advent calendars of all sorts are in this seasons magazines but I still love the simplest ones 
This is a very poor image of the sweetest white carousel I bought from Dusk. The burning tea lights send the top propellers around and keep the carousel turning. Can't wait to see it in action at night time. I shall post more when I take my own. For those tempted you can visit them here.
Happy Christmas Everyone!
( Most other pics are usually from Pinterest)

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