Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Wish It Were Mine!

From the first moment
I saw this house
I wanted it so badly!

I've always loved chequered tiling

Tapestry cushions and aubusson rugs

I loove these opening in type windows

The stunning chandelier!

Sconces and wall pannelling

My favourite room.

Such beautiful detailing

Many fireplaces

A white kitchen I've wanted for sooo long

So many places to sit

I love these wrought iron panels

But alas I cannot have it!

It can never be mine.

Because it's a miniature

belonging to the incredibly talented Linda Carswell

from Hobart in Tasmania
from an amazing blog "Un Petite Folie"

I couldn't get over how authentic everything was

And the time and talent it took to create something so amazing.

So I strongly suggest visiting Linda and being blown away just like I was!
All images from Linda's beautiful blog


  1. Linda is incredibly talented. The attention to detail is exquisite! Thanks for sharing.
    Bon week-end,

  2. I thought it was real!! Just beautiful.

  3. OH YEAH!!!! I HAVE HER LINK ON MY MINI BLOG!!! had me going there for a minute, however....I am redoing my home in WHITE and it is stunning. My husband loves it!!! Thank you for coming over for a Creamsicle....enjoy a cooler weekend. OH wait, you are in Australia and your summer is beginning! ENJOY! Anita

  4. i was going to say...that first picture looked like a doll house! however what an amazing piece! the interiors really look like a true home. actually, i think this is the only chateau i can afford...
    xox alison

  5. Oh my! How wonderful. Truly looks like a real home. I'm not sure how you found me, but I'm glad you did. I am now a follower. Thanks for linking to my giveaway. I hope you win!!

  6. wow, how adorable! have a great sunday! verbena cottage

  7. What an incredibly adorable house. I want it so very badly!!!! Oh how I wish it was life size...or I was little!!! Thanks for sharing. Those pictures make it look like it was a real house. You could have fooled me!!

    I just LOVE your blog, it's always a treat to come here. See you you again soon!

  8. Tres Belle. Lovely, Beautiful I wish I can visit that house.(smile) Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Julie x

  9. This one must be straight from heaven! So so adorable!! xx

  10. oh I thought that was a miniture house when I saw it, but I thought the interiors were real!!! got me on that one! Also, I love your blog roll, it's long like mine, and I'm so glad to see me in your fav Aus Blog List, if you ever get your bum into gear and get a button made up of your blog, let me know and I'll paste it on my page because your blog is def one of my all time fav's toO!!!.