Thursday, August 12, 2010

Where Can I Have Blue?

I am always drawn to blue
with the peace and serenity it evokes
so I've collected these lovely ideas
to help me decide
where else I can indulge in "blue"I have a chicken wire cabinet so why not?

Soo perfectly dreamy

Stripes, florals, toilles

Perfect whimsy

Exquisite bed linen

I looove this table from"Shabby Streamside"

Oh for wall detailing

Velvet upholstering with gilt

Such clever ideas right down to the stripey shades

I just have to get on with it!

Upholstery, I think ,is my key

More blue bed linen

Definitely velvet

So I think I'll start with bolsters!
No more excuses.

Images-1 Charlotte Moss 2 Thibault 3 Caroline Quartermaine 4-7 Delightful and Delovely 8 Cabbages and Roses 9 French Blue 10 French bedroom Co 11-12 My Shabby Steamside
13 La Madone 14 French garden House 15-17 This is Glamourous 18 Paris Flea Market
19 Jacques Grange Vogue 20
Trouvais 21-22 Unsure


  1. Beautiful blue! I adore the gold-lined headboard.

  2. Hi and thankyou for visiting my blog, its so nice to meet other perth bloggers!! where in perth are you? Such a gorgeous post; I am totally in love with all of your images! look forward to following your blog! Have a gorgeous weekend, and stay warm!!!!
    hugs from lauraxx

  3. What a lovely collections of photos. I love everything.(smile). Lovely Blog.
    I am adding you to my blog list so I can come and visit you often.

    Julie xx