Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bridal Shower for Vanessa

Tiffany Blue
with white and silver
cream and gold
That's what I wanted to do
for the theme
for the bridal shower
of my beautiful friend

To me
Vanessa is one of the most beautiful people
in the world
And I really wanted to honour her

Handmade card
from another adorable friend

Some gorgeous gifts

I loved this beautiful green

My blue and white with gold china

And a lovely afternoon tea

Beautiful people
On a beautiful afternoon
To honour a truly special person
Who deserves much happiness
Which she spreads where-ever she goes
We love you Vanessa!
(All images my own)


  1. Fiona .... these images are gorgeous and I so love the Tiffany blue and what an exquisite bridal shower you gave! Your friend is lucky indeed ..... beautiful!
    Best wishes

  2. Everything is so beautiful. I lov the Tiffany blue cupcakes!
    Have a nice week.

  3. such stunning details throughout! those cupcakes look diving, and your tea cups are so so lovely... I am certain your friend was surprised and thrilled—well done :)


  4. so very special! ~ I love those little tartelettes and your china tea-set is ever so pretty.

  5. Oh it is so pretty. I bet she will remember all the care and love you put into the shower for the rest of her life.
    Au revoir

  6. I cannot look at the blue and white cupcakes any longer. I must make a batch. They are so pretty and every time I visit you it makes me yearn for cake and icing. Hmmm, and tea in lovely cups too.

    Thanks for sharing the temptations.

  7. Fiona - the brown wrapping paper combined with white and a bit of gold - just seems so effortless yet so chic. What a great and simple idea!

  8. Lovely party! I love how you designed your party. Great job!! Very chic, very pretty. I can see how you are inspired by French design.