Wednesday, November 10, 2010

French Style in Bali

My friend sent me these pictures
because she thought it looked like meAnd I have to admit there are some elements
I like.
Click on any picture to see bigger with better detail
Its worth it
More formalised in the garden
Gorgeous pendant light in the bedroom
Use of white pebbles and tiling
Bright happy colours

Whitewashed furniture

Purple chandelier

Gorgeous four poster bed

French chair in the corner

I wouldnt mind staying there.
It's a new villa that has just been completed.
I'll have to check it out next time in Bali which I hope is soon.
(All images from my friend)


  1. These are great photos!! How wonderful it would be to live somewhere, where the outdoors is part of daily living!!! Ah .. Bali is on my list of places to visit...xo HHL

  2. They are beyond beautiful! I'm lusting over those white washed furnitures. And Bali has a special relation to me, because when I grew up in Java, Bali was my go-to spot for a quick vacation!

    Some of the Balinese details in these pictures bring me back great memories!

  3. I love how they've used purple throughout the entire house! I'd be too afraid that the color would tire me eventually and have to redecorate everything!

  4. What a fabulous house! Loved the tiling and the pebbles! Is it a transient house? Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  5. Hi there fiona, what an amazing home! quite different and unusual in lots of ways.. would be a very relaxing place to stay!
    hope all is well for you. Hope your daughter is doing well also.
    hugs, Laura xx

  6. Lovely to see something other than the usual Bali villa dark wood look. Not sure about the purple fluffy carpet, but I'd definitely put my hand up for a booking!
    Millie ^_^

  7. What a gorgeous home..Your blog is lovely too, so many beautiful images! You have exquisite taste..Rachaelxx

  8. Oh how lovely and definitely elements of you. It might even tempt me to make my first trip to Bali:)

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