Monday, May 23, 2011

Sophie and Lyndon's Engagement

Yesterday our very dear friends beautiful daughter "Sophie", together with her gorgeous fiance "Lyndon", celebrated their engagement!And I was asked to help style the tables with my favourite colours of soft blues and white with gold and sparkle
This card was a Thankyou card to me and it is so perfectly in matching with the whole theme.
I love it!

These cups filled with orchids and freesias were a part of the table decor.

The cups are mine and they matched perfectly

More pics to come of the actual celebration. It was so perfect! A magical celebration for a beautiful couple!!


  1. So pretty! Looking forward to more pics x Sharon

  2. It all looked beautiful, Fiona. Thank you so much for your effort.

  3. Lots of lovely ideas here Fiona for the up-coming Engagement Party of Son #5.
    Millie x