Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staircases of My Dreams!

Staircases to me are meant to be a stunning feature that adds "Wow" factor.I'd love this curved one but I bet it adds many extra dollars for the curving.
I'd be oh so happy with this one
even with a very small void
but especially because it can be enjoyed when you enter
and also from the living areas

This local display home is nice

But I dont think it will do for what I want

Oh my isnt this one just magical

So grand!

( My French Country Home)

Maybe this one wouldn't be too pricey

I used to like these wooden ones

But my heart sings to the wrought iron ones

This one would do nicely! Its in a home I'd love to rent while building

but somehow I think $1200 a week might be a little too much! How about you? Which one are your favourites? I think my heart belongs to the ones with big twirls.

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  1. Beautiful staircases, I love the black wrought iron work too.
    Have a happy week:)

  2. So beautiful! I like the wooden ones too.

  3. What a great stair collection! Just love the inspiration. I would have loved to have had the spiral stairs myself, but unfortunately not the easiest to install! Perhaps next time...

  4. Bonjour, thank you so much for all these gorgeous French images, just divine! I like staircase no.2 it has a long easy style step that looks like it would be comfortable to climb and also staircase no. 6 very Coco Channel!!So nice to find another Perthite with a passion for all things French.

  5. C’est tres jolie!
    Thanks so very much for your kind comments!

  6. I'm swooooning over these gorgeous images - you always curate the most exquisite posts :)

    Hugs xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink