Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hearts of Desire

Hearts don't have to be saved just for Valentines Day. Why not enjoy them every day and be reminded of the beautiful love that surrounds us daily.
Perhaps a cute scooter to visit favourite cafes.

Soothing blue and white ceramic hearts simply for their patterns to be enjoyed.

Sweet little heart detailing on stockings

Delightfully twirled fabric hearts to create such pretty wall art

As does the paper left behind when punching hearts, leaving behind a creative twist for bunting

Polaroids displayed in a heart shape creating a stunning feature above the bed

Beautifully patterned hearts of various sizes allows one to indulge with their favourite colours and papers

(especially for those of us who collect these papers never knowing if they will ever be used)

Or folded to create an even simpler but still eyecatching design

Such clever use of hearts to decorate the straws for Valentines Day

but why not use them for Mother's Day or birthdays

And finally what a divine way to send love to your children with heart shaped fruits and pancakes with pretty sprinkles on the yoghurt dip

beautifully packaged with no waste created

showing how much fun can be had in a sustainable way.

I can't wait to show my class this one. I just know they will love it!

( All images via Pinterest)


  1. How gorgeous! The Vespa looks so adorable! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  2. Such cute ideas! Love the frame with all the little hearts :)

    Abbey x

  3. I love your sweet heart post, thank you for sharing.

  4. I have a thing for hearts - with my connection to heartkids ... just cant help it! those pancakes look so yummy Fiona!! oh, love you new blog header too!
    Laura xxx

  5. FIONA!

    My dear dear colleague in education....I TOO have had a very challenging year. It is SO GOOD TO SEE YOU for I know the difficulty in balancing BLOGGING and teaching. I come home from a crazy day to enjoy my blog friends and the creativity that encircles our world here. I have 52 students and I am doing a new science unit that I had to help translate into French today. It is a never ending saga of keeping up with the progress of the children and the changes in the system!!!!!!

    I LOVE THAT RING in your post and thank you for your kind comments about my French post. SHOW YOUR KIDS!!!! THANK YOU,MERCI and take some time to relax. We need it!!!! Anita