Sunday, February 26, 2012

Summer Lovin

As our Summer draws to a close there are still so many things to do
Late afternoon swims and strolls on the beach
followed by fish and chips as you watch the sunset

Surfing the waves

Filling up on decadent icecream sandwiches

Or cooling down with refreshing slushies

Making the most of the last Summer fruits

Or slipping away for that last minute getaway

Enjoying the breeze by the river or the beach

listening to beatiful music

Perfect picnics at some of our beautiful parklands

With champagne, flowers and vintage china

Bike riding with friends

Or finishing the long, overdue garden tasks as the weather starts to cool

but most definitely a trip to an outdoor cinema

With comfy cushions, twinkling lights and cones of popcorn.

Hope you're able to make the most of these last days as we change season. For some it's the anticipation of the Summer ahead. Wherever you are

may you be living life to its fullest.


  1. Dear Fiona ... such a beautiful post and I know what you mean .... our summer is slipping away! I love summer so much with the long days and walks on the beach and fish and chips on the beach is the best of all!!!!! I hope you are well and how did your trip go? I would so love to meet you and Laura as I know we would have a wonderful time!
    best wishes always
    Frances xxxxx

  2. Yep, we are totally on the same wave length. A perfect list of things to do so we can all squeeze every last drop out of summer!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  3. Such beautiful summertime pictures. We still have summery days here but the evenings are definitely getting cooler. x Sharon

  4. While summer is coming to an end for you, I look forward to spring and then summer. Winter always seems longer than the summer days. Beautiful images! x

  5. Aaaah, you make me long for summer!!! So many beautiful summery things to do :) Sigh! Here the weather is grey, cold and it's raining. I'm at least hoping for a little snow soon. Have a lovely evening (or maybe day)!

    Kristin x

  6. Yes unfortunately today is wet and windy here. Goodbye summer. xx

  7. Beautiful summer images! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  8. My favourite season, the hotter the better. I'm so sad to see it go, I've got my wooly socks on here tonight Fiona, boo hoo.
    Millie xx

  9. Lovely pictures! Summer is my favourite season. Hope you can take a look at my blog some time lovely! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}