Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visit The Donna Hay Store

If you are lucky enough to visit Sydney then you simply must go to Woolhara for the best shops and top of the list is the "donna hay store".
The sweetest handcrafted items, like these paper flowers with button centres, are just waiting to catch your eye. As are the little bottles filled with juice that later become tiny vases or small drink containers to pair with the striped straws.

But so are the walls of china in Donna's signature colours of blue, white and brown with beautifully detailed patterns on the Royal Doulton range (especially the titbit china plates which are perfect for afternoon tea). It is so easy to fall in love with everything and not know where to start.

The soothing blues continue throughout the store

But pink does eventually find its place

Adding depth to the colour range on offer

Even red for the French flair

It is very hard to resist these quirky and fun birds

Underwater lovelies or fabulous wreaths

But maybe the ones who add to the total experience are of the real variety who happily sit on the doorstop enjoying admiring pats while their owners debate how many lovely purchases to choose.

My suitcases were really over the limit by the time I had finished. You can visit online at

Hope you've had a wonderfully, relaxing weekend. Im off for a cup of tea with my new "Donna Hay" mugs.


  1. oh I really want to go to that one too! Looks wonderful! Enjoy your new mugs. lovT

  2. The paper flowers are so cute - especially the ones popped into the frame.

  3. Hi fiona, wow, would have been a great store to visit, i would love to get to sydney sometime. I expect there was loads of fabulous shopping!! Love pink and blue, always!!