Friday, October 15, 2010

Bedroom Bliss

I love to indulge in elegance,
lots of silk and softness
And I feel I've created
my own retreat of luxury

Which I love waking up to

And knowing it's mine

All whites and gold

With this dreamy sunlight
in the morning
where it seems like I'm in the clouds

These are new cushions
for my new online boutique
(and the bed will also be available, just not mine of course)

And our room is the perfect setting
for photo shoots to display
our new stock

Trouble is
then I want to keep it

Ive added blue touches where I can

And lots of gold cherubs

This is one I made such a long time ago
but I still love it!

This mirror will finally be hung
when my new silk curtains arrive
This is one of my latest creations.
I love to play with beautiful paper.
And of course
there has to be flowers and pearls!

All images mine


  1. Your room is just gorgeous Fiona, in fact, your whole house could be in a magazine shoot! I dont blame you for wanting to keep everything!!!! re. the shoes in my post yesterday; I have no idea sadly.... I found the image on tumblr, but little blingy clips could dress up plain shoes for sure.. Hope you are enjoying being back at school; not long now till the christmas hols!!!!
    Hugs to you, Laura xxx

  2. You are right, this is pure bedroom bliss. So luxurious.

  3. Hello Fiona... What a beautiful room you have created... Calm and so elegant, a perfect place for sweet dreams:-)) You blog is just lovely and I am your newest follower, I look forward to talking soon:-)

  4. Oh Madame du Chateau,

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE WHITE and this year, I have gone ALL white in my bedroom as well with a touch of turquoise. Your pillows are similar to one that I found actually at Home Goods...turquoise of course, with those lovely ruffles! Everything is exquisite and belongs in your CHATEAU DE LILLE!

    Thank you for your visit and kind comments! Have a magnificent and dreamy weekend, Anita

  5. So stunning! I adore the embroided pillows.

  6. It is so stunning! That's yours? It looks like a magazine layout! Love it! Your pillows are so beautiful too!

  7. Oh so serene and pretty. I love the last photo a lot. Bliss

  8. I love your pretty post! And I especially love the special lighting in your bedroom... Thank you for stopping by {my white chair} and commenting... Yes I have seen the chicken coop chandelier! I even posted a link to it for those who wouldn't take my word for it! ha ha I know I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it for myself... such en elegant coop! Your blog is just beautiful with all the femenine touches! blessings

  9. It looks like a slice of heaven! Your pillows are exquisite!

  10. What a beautiful room. I love the combination of whites and golds - such luxury. Thanks for sharing with us.

    By the way, thanks for stopping by for Sarah's post. It is nice to have met you. :) Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Ohhh so charming, cosy and romantic.I love,
    Bss and a great weekend to you,

  12. As beautiful as these pictures are - I do have to say they are still not as stunning as your bedroom is in real life. When you enter the room it is breathtaking. It has such a elegant softness to the room. I love the new cushions for the online shop. I can see them working beautifully with my bedroom:).

  13. Fiona ... this is absolutely gorgeous! I would want to keep all your new things as well! You have created such a haven of tranquility ..... have a beautiful evening.
    hugs Frances

  14. Simply gorgeous Fiona! You combine things so perfectly....a haven for relaxation :)

  15. What an absolutely beautiful room. Every little detail is just exquisite! :) Paris in Pink

  16. Fiona, it is divine. All white -- what other color is there?

    Congratulations on your new line.

  17. Your bedroom is so fabulous...


    and filled with so many lovely things...

    nice pillows and sheets...

    Your new line will surely be a hit:)

  18. Your bedrrom looks fabulous, a little getaway retreat. I will head over now to see your online boutique.
    Thank you for your visit, I have gotten unbelievably behind in my visits. Good luck with the giveaway.
    Bon week,

  19. nice blog! wonderful bedroom !!!! Many have found inspiration here.always come here you blog ;) love :*