Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cupcakes in Teacups

Yesterday we had our beautiful spring party
and the cupcakes in teacups were
just so pretty
And my china collection worked perfectly

(Wish I knew how to stop this happening after I've editted)
I had such fun putting the flowers together

I mixed real with artificial

With some real fruit

It was a lovely afternoon
with such gorgeous friends

I love them dearly!

All images my own


  1. Hi Fiona, it all looks so gorgeous! I just love the idea of having the cupcakes in teacups!! so cute! And your photos turned out amazing! Have you had a chance to look at the picnik site? Thankyou again for the other day, it was so lovely to chat to you and your scones were just delish!!!
    Hugs, Laura xxx

  2. Lovely and yummy. I keep forgetting it is warm now where you are. Love all your pretty photos.
    Do you have a source for Quartermaine fabrics? I cannot find them in Atlanta area or at the design mart.
    I love allyour tea cups!!
    Marie Arden

  3. These are gorgeous .. what a wonderful idea to present cupcakes. I'm certain your guests were amazed!! Your tea cups are just darling... XO HHL

    Thank you for your vists and thoughful words.

  4. Wow love the cupcakes, they look gorgeous in the cups.

    Leeann x

  5. Wow! You really did all this??? I'm truly impressed - it looks amazing! Wish I could be there :)


  6. What a beautiful srping party! Your blog is a gorgeous place.


    PS The mask is just for decoration and on Halloween night I will wear it while I pass out candy.

  7. Glad everything went so well Fiona - the table setting looked exquisite!
    Millie ^_^

  8. what beautiful images! Love the idea of cupcakes in cups! Beautiful


  9. Thank you for such a lovely lunch. As usual the setting was beautiful. All the little details were noticed. The pom poms you made, the floral tablecloth outside, the crystal weights on the tablecloth, the beautiful flowers inside. But my favourite was the cupcakes. It was so gorgeous. I love that I get to come to your events and bask in all that is so pretty:)

  10. Those cupcakes are gorgeous!

  11. Dear Fiona ... what a gorgeous idea! I love it and the table are arrangements are wonderful and so pretty! I wish I could have been there to celebrate spring with you! You are very clever ... brilliant idea and wonderful post. Have a gorgeous week-end

  12. As always, it was a gorgeous occasion. Your attention to detail is astounding and much enjoyed. Imaginations are stimulated and the senses are well and truly tickled. It's always an honour and a pleasure to come to your beautiful home and be welcomed by your generous hospitality. Thank you!!

  13. The cupcakes are lovely! Just like the flowers. Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  14. Marjon and Julie-Ann, I am grateful to have such lovely friends who encourage me and allow me to have the joy of putting together special times for us to share. Much love to all of you, Fiona xx

  15. Dear Blogging Friends,
    Many, many thanks to you all for spporting and encouraging me.I truly love the comments and get such a lot of joy when I read them.It really does help to make every day exciting!Fiona xx

  16. Hi Fiona
    Your spring tea party looks delicious!!! I love the abundant use of colour... so full of life and happiness .... you did a great job!! and your china collection is just as charming... I wouldn't worry about the sideways pic... just call it an 'arty angle' hehe

    Spring has been quite tentative here.. doesn't really know what it wants to do...

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment.. hope you have a wonderful weekend... xxx Julie

    PS.. love your previous wedding post also!!

  17. FIONA! WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE! First of all, those cupcakes in teacups is such a magnificent idea! Light and white, pink and frivolous, this is a delicious post! I love your idea about our kids being pen pals! HOWEVER, I must run the idea past my colleague, Molly. We do have an assignment where the kids must write a "Friendly letter", and when I was teaching French language arts, we had pen pals in France! Now that we are teaching English language arts, our pacing map has barely any room on it for what I love the most: CREATIVE freedom! We may be able to churn out one letter, but let me check. What grade do you teach? Let me know and I will speak to Molly about it. What a sweet gesture, dearest!


  18. What an absolutely gorgeous tea party to attend..everything looks ever so pretty and it! Dont think my attempt at making cupcakes would turn out quite the same ;) Have a wonderful weekend lovely and thanks for stopping by today...see you when I get back :) x

  19. Meeting you has been a pleasure
    Your cupcakes in Tea cups are lovely!

  20. Hi Fiona... This is as cute as can be!! What a delight the party must have been!!

  21. What a fantastically unique way to serve cupcakes. Love this!

  22. so sweet! I love the idea, and now... have a craving for a delicious cupcake :)

    Hope you are having a lovely week,