Sunday, October 10, 2010

Formal Gardens To Dream Of

Hedges, topiary, cherubs,
limestone, stone tables, wrought iron chairs,
whites, reds and lots of green
This garden has it all

It ticks all the boxes

For a truly magnificent formal garden

In a regular suburban back yard

Although this is now
never going to be regular ever again

Due to the stunning colours and shapes

That are just waiting to greet you
all year round

Perhaps for a spot of tea
or to read a book

Or bbq's at sunset
lingering into a twinkling evening

Or fine dining on the upstairs balcony
overlooking the beautiful, serene garden
and onwards as the sun sets
over the magnificent Swan River
Or perhaps you're like me
and would love to enjoy a cool swim
on one of Perth's hot days
which are just beginning.
This is one of my most favourite gardens ever
And I love just to stand or sit in it
Every time I visit
because it always leaves me feeling
at peace with the world
I'm just very grateful that Marjon and Gerard
(the proud owners)
are two of my very special friends
and they love to share this magnificent garden
so graciously with people who want to enjoy its magic.

A million thankyous to Marjon and Gerard
for letting me share its beauty and joy
and also now with our amazing blogworld.
Dear blogging friends,
I hope you too can enjoy this slice of heaven!
All images Marjon's or mine


  1. I love Marjon's garden. The first time I saw it I couldn't believe how magical it was - even though you had been raving about it for years lol. Thanks for showing this Fiona. It truly is a serene and beautiful part of the world:)

  2. lovely, lovely blog you have here. the images are just beautiful! :) Paris in Pink

  3. Thank you for your lovely words Fiona, it's a pleasure to share our garden.

  4. What a beautiful garden Fiona... and pool.. I'm definitely a pool person... I think I could enjoy many an hour in a beautiful environment like this... Thanks for sharing these... and have a lovely week... xxx Julie

    PS.. thanks for your sweet comments too!!

  5. What a beautiful post!!

    Thanks for coming by my place. I hope I will get more help in the comments about how to do the "buy now" stuff. Keep an eye out here.


    barbara jean

    PS off to see more of your beautiful blog.

  6. Oooh, all that stone and the pool, can you imagine?? Gorgeous! XX!

  7. What a beautiful place to stop by for a visit that you have created. So much inspiration and loveliness are sprinkled all around your work.
    I am so glad to have had you at {mywhitechair} so that I could find your blog!


  8. That is such a lovely garden, well-maintained and with such beautiful things.

    Lots of wonderful things can be enjoyed there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a beautiful garden and a lovely blog this was. If you don`t mind I will come back some other day :)
    Trude :)

  10. Fab gardens! Thanks for the tour!!

  11. Wow, really beautiful!!! I wish I had this slice of heaven outside my doors! Have a beautiful day! xo

  12. These are lovely gardens! I like the night barbecue idea. So fab! Kellie xx

  13. Fabulous place to be inspired by. I would love to visit it one day and see this beauty with my own eyes. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post with me.:-)

  14. I love that garden. Simply serene and beautiful

  15. Magnificent indeed! I dream of white, formal, organized, beautiful gardens ~ maybe one day...

  16. Truly lovely blog! I loved taking your virtual tour of that gorgeous garden, and I am in love with your tea cup cupcakes! I will have to borrow that idea in the future.

    Thanks so much for stopping by The French Mouse House...I hope to see you there again Fiona!

    Hope Ava