Friday, October 29, 2010

Stunning Jewellry and a Beautiful Blog!

Last week I fell in love
with this exquisite range of jewellry
from Karen Sugarman Designs
And I just had to share her beauty
with our Blogworld

I just wish I could have it all!

The pearls and precious stones
she uses are so beautiful

But also uses some whimsy

With lots of colours to choose from

It would all go perfectly
with our spring and summer fashions
we are enjoying in our stores right now
I feature her blog on my sidebar
and if you love her jewellry like I do
I'm sure you'll enjoy her blog
And also her website!
( All images from Karen Sugarman Site- I have no connection other than loving her work)


  1. Fiona-

    Thank you so much for this lovely posting! What a nice surprise. Strangely enough, several of my jewelry designs have found new homes in Australia.

    I just recently found you blog and have been entertaining myself nightly with your past postings - just delightful and gorgeous!


  2. What gorgeous jewellery! I love it all! so pretty fiona, i must go and check out her blog! Forgot also to mention that I think I got those little black cubes from Osborne Park; I think it was Tony Sadler perhaps. The fabric on them isnt nice but I was planning to recover them all. anyways, hope you are having a lovely week, hugs to you,
    Laura xxx

  3. Exquisite indeed! I'm particularly swooning over the first necklace. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful jewelry designer! :) Paris in Pink

  4. Fiona;

    Thank you for stopping by the blog. Lovely images, what a beautiful corner of the world you call home.

    I love the French style, it is one of my favorites too!

  5. What a lovely find Fiona, Karen's work is truly wonderful!
    Millie ^_^

  6. Oh my! I had to hold my breath for each photo! They are amazing! The bracelet on the 6th photo is my favorite. Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  7. Love the pink necklace and the multistrand pearl bracelet
    If I win the lottery I will get you something I love it too

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm with you, I would like to have it all. Have a great weekend. Mona

  9. Exquisite pieces. So very feminine and the colors are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  10. These are exquisite and quite feminine! I love the fact that it is a completely different time for you - I am dreaming of spring and can view it through your blog! Thank you for sharing,

  11. Karen is so gifted! Her pieces are true works of art!

  12. oh my goopdness - how absolutely fabulous are these.. I have to go and see her site,..

  13. Love, love, love! Absolutely gorgeous jewelry!

  14. Oh how incredibly stunning this jewellery is:) Karen is very talented. I loved so many of these pieces. Thanks for sharing your find with us Fiona:)

  15. They are all so very exquisite but my very favourite is the pretty bracelet 2nd from top.
    Have a lovely week!

  16. HI Fiona
    What lovely pieces.. and how sweet you are to blog about them!!!
    Have a lovely week .. xxx Julie

  17. Bonjour Fiona
    They are so lovely, perfect for Melbourne Cup dress up.

    Julie xx

  18. Fiona these pieces are exquisite and I think perfect for Marie Antoinette! I must stop by this blog! Hope you are well
    hugs Frances

  19. Oh my goodness...these pieces are stunning!!! I love the pale blue sweetness of some of those pieces....thanks for sharing the JOY my friend. xoxo