Tuesday, March 11, 2014

More Hampton Style Magic care of Plunket Home Builders

Another Perth builder has beautifully produced the Hampton Style
and provided so many oohs and ahs
 And this time for the smaller budget
 But nothing is missed out
                                                     Even has the much coveted fireplace
                                                                 Exceptional styling
                                                                       Divine kitchen
                                                  Loving the pressed metal splash-back
                                             Perfect cupboard door profiles and use of glass
                                                 Seamless extension of living into the alfresco

                                                          Stunning entrance and foyer

                                                         Plenty of french inspired touches

                                     Full length windows and and separate makeup or dressing area

                                                      The must-have front verandah
Plunket Home Builders have done an excellent job creating a beautiful Hampton inspired home. A must-see for all Hampton style followers.
You can visit them here for extra pics and information.
Have fun!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My Next Bathroom

 Putting makeup on in comfort is something I have so been desiring so when I saw this in Riverstone's new display home called the West Hampton, I knew I had found my solution.

 The bench drops down and you can sit on a gorgeous stool in comfort
 And to make it even better it has drawers for easy storage making it quick to tidy up and much less bending
 The mirrors add another element of luxury, wrapping around the walls and each section is bevelled
And with the "Bling Light" you feel like a film star.
Don't you love it?

Riverstone is another of our amazing builders in Perth who only build luxury homes for the discerning client. The house is on display in  the beachside suburb of Swanbourne and has many other gorgeous features. So love our builders giving us the beautiful and relaxed Hampton Style Homes.
(This post is not sponsored and is only my thoughts)

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Girly Gorgeousness with Alannah Hill

 Whilst fashion trends come and go Alannah Hill has stayed strong with celebrating beauty and style with the prettiest colours, fabrics, buttons, brooches, hats, gloves.........

This week marked a CHANGE for Alannah but her famous style and girly gorgeousness will always be remembered ever so fondly.
Thank you Alannah for your magic and amazing talent showcased through your beautiful stores. Best and warmest wishes to you,where-ever you may go.
(All images from google)
(I have no affiliation other than admiration)