Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milton Park- Fabulous French Style Country House Hotel and Spa

Nestled in the Southern Highlands of NSW, lies a magnificent, french styled Country House Hotel and Spa called "Milton Park".

A beautiful place to get lost in its magic, where you can be forgiven for thinking you are in France with so many delights to enjoy.

Rooms are charmingly styled with French style furniture, wall pictures and lighting to create a romantic and peaceful ambience.

A variety of wood and finishes complement each other creating a sense of depth and intrigue.

Simple yet luxurious linen on the bed creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere

While rustic tiles in the bathroom contrast with the texture of soft, fluffy towels and robes

Flowers artfully decorate the dining room

Original antiques mix with reproduction

To create a wonderful sense of comfort and luxury.

Windows are simply adorned to allow the gardens to speak

Elegant table settings entice

With a menu of french dishes too delicious to resist.

A most beautiful and captivating experience that is so hard to say goodbye when it is time to leave.

(My next post will take us on a journey through the amazing gardens)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Relaxed Summer Days

Luxuriating in the slower pace of Summer holidays and..

....long, languid lunches with girlfriends.

Then heading off to the countryside

..... to enjoy bright, pink sunsets over crystal, clear water

..... then a glass of wine under a magical, night sky.

What more can I ask for?

Happy weekend!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophie and Lyndons' Vintage Style Wedding continued

Before heading to the reception I have to show you the sweetest flower girl who only began walking two weeks before the wedding. Here, she was probably starting to feel a little weary from all the attention, not to mention all the walking.

And who should this glamourous lady be?

Dressed in shimmering, blue sequins that sparkled in the glorious sunshine was the very beautiful and proud Mother of the bride Marjon.

Not far away, with the most perfect tie to match which he proudly selected himself , was Gerard, Sophie's dashing and very proud Dad.
So off to the Reception being held at the historic site of WA's old brewery which sits alongside our majestic Swan River.

The bouquets were all placed in these vases which looked like they were filled with crystals.

Stunningly beautiful!

Simple table decorations of orchids, twigs and crystals
with this one beckoning a mystery with the tiny pegs

A grand jewellery box to hold the wishes from the wishing tree at the ceremony.

Sophies stunning dress now to be enjoyed up close showcasing the exquisite lace and tuille

Her fishtail and of course perfect figure

Nothing was overstated

Just classically beautiful.
The flowers were all prepared by her very clever and stylish friend and florist Tessa

( I will try to get a link to her facebook page)

Heartfelt speeches were given in front of this amazing view across water to the beautiful city of Perth

Some speeches included clever wit and funny stories to enjoy about the couple.

And finally Lyndon, as he spoke his kind words of thanks and gratefullness and above all his love for Sophie.

Such a lucky girl.

The crowning glory of delicate but stunning cupcakes.

Pale pastels to match the colours of the bouquets

The flowers looked so real but were actually made of sugar

The sweetest tags to describe and identify each cake. Such a fun way to choose and enjoy the mouthwatering cakes.

Even the tea and coffee was colourful yet elegant.

This tree was to eventually fill with with tiny, instant polaroids, taken by the photographers nephew, of all the guests and of course the happy couple!

Then finally the throwing of the bouquet

Caught by a delighted bridesmaid

A most wonderful and perfect wedding showcasing so much love

but also how vintage style can be used in such a glamourous way.

Congatulations Mr and Mrs Hart!