Wednesday, May 25, 2011

White Boudoirs

There is nothing more elegant than white bedding for the boudoirWith varied textures to make you want to reach out and feel the softness of silk and satin

Or enjoy the purity of white roses

Teamed with classic black and white embroidered hand towells for the bathroom

Completed with elegant, ivory wrapped soaps nestled in a layer of tuille to add those final touches of romance

And most definitely gold accessories to make a statement of luxury that one would expect in a French Chateau

Soaps, towells, cushions and bed are all available in the boutique here

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sophie and Lyndon's Engagement

Yesterday our very dear friends beautiful daughter "Sophie", together with her gorgeous fiance "Lyndon", celebrated their engagement!And I was asked to help style the tables with my favourite colours of soft blues and white with gold and sparkle
This card was a Thankyou card to me and it is so perfectly in matching with the whole theme.
I love it!

These cups filled with orchids and freesias were a part of the table decor.

The cups are mine and they matched perfectly

More pics to come of the actual celebration. It was so perfect! A magical celebration for a beautiful couple!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Last Baby Turns 18!

Last Sunday my beautiful son (no. 3 child) turned 18

So we had a party of friends and family to celebrate
And I thought I should set a scene a little less pretty but still "French" so I did a little rearranging

Candles everywhere

Couldnt resist cutting these glorious pink roses for a pop of colour

These pics are all the day after ( forgot to take them once we got going)

A liitle more rustic for the table

Dragged out my black candlesticks

Love this morning light

Rustic serving ware collected.

The party is over, but my beautiful son shone. He looked so classy and sophisticated

and I was very proud of him. I even gave a speech to honour his friends ,family and family friends who played an important part in his life. Congatulations to my gorgeous boy. Best, best wishes for a happy and fulfilling life ahead. We love you!!

Linkin with Romantic Home "Show and Tell"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Staircases of My Dreams!

Staircases to me are meant to be a stunning feature that adds "Wow" factor.I'd love this curved one but I bet it adds many extra dollars for the curving.
I'd be oh so happy with this one
even with a very small void
but especially because it can be enjoyed when you enter
and also from the living areas

This local display home is nice

But I dont think it will do for what I want

Oh my isnt this one just magical

So grand!

( My French Country Home)

Maybe this one wouldn't be too pricey

I used to like these wooden ones

But my heart sings to the wrought iron ones

This one would do nicely! Its in a home I'd love to rent while building

but somehow I think $1200 a week might be a little too much! How about you? Which one are your favourites? I think my heart belongs to the ones with big twirls.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Family Rooms/ Conservatories

While contemplating building again,

now seems a time to collect favourite pics together to identify must haves.

French doors opening to the outside seem to me to be a must

(Shabby Chic)
Big openings to create a flow or seamlessness

Panelled at the bottom
(Simple pergola with wisteria trailing- solar friendly)

Still filled with French furniture

Maybe a fireplace

Lots of glass to get the conservatory feel

These were from an open garden last year in WA

I think I'd even prefer it to an alfresco which is so popular in new homes in WA

My big quetion is "Do I need a gabled roof or just a high ceiling?"

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Floating Roses and Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

For this wonderful day I thought it fitting

to show some wonderful roses.

Autumn often brings the most beautiful flushes of roses

and I love to float them in this lovely fishbowl shaped vase.

There is a mix of soft pink iceburgs
And two new ones

My Hero by Swane
and Sharifa Asma of David Austin
both pink and excellent repeaters

I bunched them up quite close with longer stems
a few days before for my Mum's Birthday tea

Oh the buds looked divine!

How about you? What is your favourite way to display flowers?

Ps I dont know how to stop blogger separating my lines of text with so much space. I really dont like it so if anyone knows what to do to stop it, Id love to know.