Friday, October 29, 2010

Stunning Jewellry and a Beautiful Blog!

Last week I fell in love
with this exquisite range of jewellry
from Karen Sugarman Designs
And I just had to share her beauty
with our Blogworld

I just wish I could have it all!

The pearls and precious stones
she uses are so beautiful

But also uses some whimsy

With lots of colours to choose from

It would all go perfectly
with our spring and summer fashions
we are enjoying in our stores right now
I feature her blog on my sidebar
and if you love her jewellry like I do
I'm sure you'll enjoy her blog
And also her website!
( All images from Karen Sugarman Site- I have no connection other than loving her work)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conservatory Magic!

From another gorgeous house in WA,
in an open garden I was lucky enough to visit,
was this beautiful conservatory
I so badly want one

And this would do me just fine

I love all the furniture inside

Exquisite marble floors

This garden even had a pool house
out the back for games of pool

And the prettiest pink roses in bowls
on the verandah

And a view of our beautiful Swan River

It was a magical visit!
All images mine

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

French Gardens in WA

We really do love making things french style
over here in Western Australia
I just love this house
with it's gorgeous front garden
Beautiful front doors and lights

And this house has so much garden to see

The sweetest water feature

Beautiful detailing

Ivy swags

An amazing veggie garden
complete with hedging

Statues and framed sweet peas

A huge variety to pick from

I definitely aspire to make my garden
this exciting and beautiful.
My own piece of France!
(All images my own)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bedroom Bliss

I love to indulge in elegance,
lots of silk and softness
And I feel I've created
my own retreat of luxury

Which I love waking up to

And knowing it's mine

All whites and gold

With this dreamy sunlight
in the morning
where it seems like I'm in the clouds

These are new cushions
for my new online boutique
(and the bed will also be available, just not mine of course)

And our room is the perfect setting
for photo shoots to display
our new stock

Trouble is
then I want to keep it

Ive added blue touches where I can

And lots of gold cherubs

This is one I made such a long time ago
but I still love it!

This mirror will finally be hung
when my new silk curtains arrive
This is one of my latest creations.
I love to play with beautiful paper.
And of course
there has to be flowers and pearls!

All images mine