Sunday, June 12, 2011

Louis XIV Style Beds

Glamour, style, sophistication, French!

If you love Louis beds like me,
Then open this door for more magic

I would love this door for my boudoir
(Source Scrapbook)

( A life's design)
Some come upholstered
Emphasizing carving down the sides

Or in bright colours like this designer guild fabric

Gilded edges

Or left in white

(Shabby Chic)
Lots of fluffy white pillows

( home decor)
Maybe using tapestry

Or mixing textures with champagne gold
To let the bed speak

A grand "French Chateau"

What about you?
Do you love Louis beds too?

Images 9-12 Chateau de Lille
(available here)


  1. They are all yummy. Oh why am I building a modern boxish type home?

  2. Dearest Fiona,

    Ahhh, you have captured my heart here...white, grays, fluff...this is my bedroom and your header resembles my harp studio! OH and I both teach and we know the silence we crave at the end of the day. Well, this decor really pulls me into a state of luxury that we DESERVE!!! Magnificent blog you have here dearest and THANK YOU for your kind and wonderful words. That's are on a totally different time and school schedule! Well, I wish you a magnificent school year my friend, and many days of joy and success! BISES, Anita

  3. Love the look of the second bedroom with the pops of blue, gorgeous!

  4. mmmm ill take the first one please and that amazing light fitting
    simply beautiful , a place to dream
    fay xx

  5. These were just beautiful. I could snuggle in and never leave!

  6. Divine beds, I'm not sure if I'd be able to drag myself out my bed if it was so beautiful, I have a hard enough time doing it now haha!

  7. I would happily have any one of these beds! Beautiful pictures. I just love the first one - I would never leave my bedroom if it looked like that! x Sharon

  8. Yes love those beds. I have a old one I got in Ca years ago. I was going to paint it but never have. I love the legs and the curving headboards. You do feel like a princess in one!

  9. Lovely photos and oh! so French.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful ideas, thanks for sharing it with us

  11. Absolutely gorgeous. You really know how to put a beautiful decorating ideas and interior designs , thanks for sharing it with us