Sunday, February 26, 2012

Summer Lovin

As our Summer draws to a close there are still so many things to do
Late afternoon swims and strolls on the beach
followed by fish and chips as you watch the sunset

Surfing the waves

Filling up on decadent icecream sandwiches

Or cooling down with refreshing slushies

Making the most of the last Summer fruits

Or slipping away for that last minute getaway

Enjoying the breeze by the river or the beach

listening to beatiful music

Perfect picnics at some of our beautiful parklands

With champagne, flowers and vintage china

Bike riding with friends

Or finishing the long, overdue garden tasks as the weather starts to cool

but most definitely a trip to an outdoor cinema

With comfy cushions, twinkling lights and cones of popcorn.

Hope you're able to make the most of these last days as we change season. For some it's the anticipation of the Summer ahead. Wherever you are

may you be living life to its fullest.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Childen's Boutique in French Style

With elegant, silk curtains and whiteframed picture boxes
Cute, child sized French chairs in bright pink or green(with studded upholstery)

Co-ordinated striped wall lights sitting on pretty, blue walls

Is "Bardot Junior" of Sydney

at Bondi Junction's 5 storey shopping centre. If I lived in Sydney with young children I know where my favourite shop would be.

Hope you're having a perfectly wonderful day, where-ever you may be!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visit The Donna Hay Store

If you are lucky enough to visit Sydney then you simply must go to Woolhara for the best shops and top of the list is the "donna hay store".
The sweetest handcrafted items, like these paper flowers with button centres, are just waiting to catch your eye. As are the little bottles filled with juice that later become tiny vases or small drink containers to pair with the striped straws.

But so are the walls of china in Donna's signature colours of blue, white and brown with beautifully detailed patterns on the Royal Doulton range (especially the titbit china plates which are perfect for afternoon tea). It is so easy to fall in love with everything and not know where to start.

The soothing blues continue throughout the store

But pink does eventually find its place

Adding depth to the colour range on offer

Even red for the French flair

It is very hard to resist these quirky and fun birds

Underwater lovelies or fabulous wreaths

But maybe the ones who add to the total experience are of the real variety who happily sit on the doorstop enjoying admiring pats while their owners debate how many lovely purchases to choose.

My suitcases were really over the limit by the time I had finished. You can visit online at

Hope you've had a wonderfully, relaxing weekend. Im off for a cup of tea with my new "Donna Hay" mugs.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hearts of Desire

Hearts don't have to be saved just for Valentines Day. Why not enjoy them every day and be reminded of the beautiful love that surrounds us daily.
Perhaps a cute scooter to visit favourite cafes.

Soothing blue and white ceramic hearts simply for their patterns to be enjoyed.

Sweet little heart detailing on stockings

Delightfully twirled fabric hearts to create such pretty wall art

As does the paper left behind when punching hearts, leaving behind a creative twist for bunting

Polaroids displayed in a heart shape creating a stunning feature above the bed

Beautifully patterned hearts of various sizes allows one to indulge with their favourite colours and papers

(especially for those of us who collect these papers never knowing if they will ever be used)

Or folded to create an even simpler but still eyecatching design

Such clever use of hearts to decorate the straws for Valentines Day

but why not use them for Mother's Day or birthdays

And finally what a divine way to send love to your children with heart shaped fruits and pancakes with pretty sprinkles on the yoghurt dip

beautifully packaged with no waste created

showing how much fun can be had in a sustainable way.

I can't wait to show my class this one. I just know they will love it!

( All images via Pinterest)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Classy Black and White and Chandeliers!

Yes that's right. Black and white stripes and sparkling chandeliers is what attracted me
Together with shiny stainless steel and frosted, clear glass

To an amazing Butcher in Illawong, Sydney, NSW

And you can sit here on a french chair while you wait or ponder

Apparently some customers have been overheard saying "I want my bedroom just like the butchers!"

(And the butcher himself was charming and friendly also. Such a wonderful way to buy your delectable meats.)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pool House and Trompe L'oeil at Milton Park

Continuing our magical stay at Milton Park in NSW, a beautiful French style poolhouse just beckons behind these arched windows and french doors.

Surrounded by tall, shady trees and ivy, clad walls an amazing surprise awaits

Stunning trompe l'oeil in the brightest and most beautiful blue
(Trompe L'oeil is french for "deceive the eye")

Stripes and tassells


..patterned urns on pedestals

Just waiting to intrigue you

And delight ,as does this painting of a local bird, which you also see enjoying the gardens and bird houses surrounding the hotel.

But wait, there's more! Look up and an amazing ceiling painted as the prettiest sky.

Such beautiful reflections in the dark, blue water

Why would anyone want to leave? We certainly didn't.